Ican be rather wordy at times so I will take a novel approach here and keep it more quiet. I already have more than one insane or impassioned rant floating around in cyber space. But about this site - it is by no means "everything." I have selected a healthy, core representation of my inquiry:

In "Paintings" I have posted work that is truly personal to me in one way or another, all of it in chronological order.

And while there are some paintings therein which incorporate tornadoes, I have placed all of the other tornado paintings, those concerned with the phenomenon per se, in "Tornadoes."

In "Critters" there is but a sampling for now as many of these paintings were never photographed. 

In "Commissions" there are two labors of love that, while not what I usually do, were opportunities that I just could not pass up.

I hope you enjoy.